Sweetwater Cove restoration



  • Seminole County completed a community shoreline planting event within the upper and middle Sweetwater Cove Lake System.  This planting event occurred in April 2013, within areas requested by individual homeowners.​
  • Seminole County is moving forward with selective - maintenance dredging activities to occur within the lower Sweetwater Cove Lake area.  Due access issues, the County is still in the process of obtaining individual homeowner approval for access to portions of Lower Cove Lake.  With homeowner consent, initial maintenance activities are anticipated to occur in 2013.


Seminole County is pleased to announce that the Sweetwater Cove lake restoration work is anticipated to begin on August 5, 2013.  Work to be included will require the use of equipment within the lake system which may damage piping within the lake.  Therefore, in order to reduce damage to your irrigation pipes, we are requesting that each homeowner remove their irrigation piping from the Lower Cove Lake system.

If you currently irrigate from Sweetwater Cove Lake, please be sure to remove your irrigation intake pipes from the lake by August 4th as we proceed with Lake Restoration Project. Seminole County will be providing dredge maintenance activities that will require the use of equipment that may damage any pipes that remain within the lake after this date. Being a county drainage easement, no repairs will be provided to homeowners that have not removed their pipe(s).  This applies only to those that use/pump lake water for irrigation purposes and only the portion of the irrigation system within the lake.

We anticipate the restoration work to take approximately 90 days. If you plan on running your irrigation system during this time and have previously used water from the lake, you may need to connect to an alternate source of water during this time. 

Thank you for your cooperation with this restoration project.  Additional information can be found at www.sweetwatercoverestoration.com